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How To Generate Last Year’s Income In A Single Weekend☝️

Increase the Volume of Your Sales & Profitability 

With this One Skill that Makes All the Difference

Who Is This

If want to turn your Annual 6 Figure Income into a 6 Figure Weekend Income

What Results Can I

 A radical road map to Cash in on Crowd Think and Help More People 


March 22nd


Wednesday, March 15th, 11 am MT / 1 pm ET / 10 am PT
You CAN generate last year’s income in one weekend, and it probably isn’t nearly as complicated as you think.
I know because I’ve personally generated over 6 Figures from my own events on the weekends, and so have many of my clients.

Of course, it’s not something you want to jump into blindly.

When done wrong, events can be EXPENSIVE and nerve-wracking…

But with my proven strategy, you can get in the green before your event even starts - and, yes, generate last year’s salary in ONE weekend!

In the Wealth in a Weekend Masterclass, You Will  Learn How to Generate a Year's Worth of Income in Two Days!  

In this FREE Masterclass you will learn:
  • How to Increase the Volume of Your Sales & Profitability with this #1 skill that makes all the difference
  • ​How to generate a year’s worth of income in a single weekend through the Power of Profitable Live Events, Workshops & Retreats
You will also learn:
  • ​​My time-tested AMOX money tips so you can go into your events in the green (and generate PURE PROFIT from your event with my budget strategy! (pdf download)
  • My 3-step system to easily fill your events (I'll walk you through the important steps & details of how to market, fill, lead & ROCK out your own events) pdf download 
  • ​​How some of my clients have generated more than last year’s income in a weekend (one client generated over $750k from her first event… and another one 400k!)


Day 2: LIVE Pitching

Friday, September 8th, 11AM ET
Those Selected From Registrants and VIPs will have a chance to PITCH LIVE. You will learn from all the speakers who pitch their service/product which will give you ideas for perfecting your pitch!


Day 2 - How To Design a Simple Marketing Machine That Is Scalable Using The Top Sales Funnels

Wednesday, 20th October, 12PM EST
Design A Measurable Marketing Machine With The Sales Funnels That Are Working Today.

Refine Your Sales Process - Whether 1-on-1, 1-on-100, or Empower Your Team To Close More Deals For You. Learn Principle-Based Sales Mastery - Why Do People Buy?

Day 3 - Deliver Your Gifted Solution to The World With Automation And Tech Systems

Thursday, 21st October, 12PM EST
Deliver Guaranteed Growth To Your Business By Leveraging Tech Systems That Scale.

Operations Fulfillment - Systematize Everything - The Exact Tech Setup You Need Now In Your Business To Scale Efficiently & Effectively (without anything breaking.)
6 Figure Pay Day!

Amanda provided the strategy and structures of how to run a large scale event as well as the critical mindset pieces and the belief that I could bring together my tribe for a successful event. Amanda cares more of her clients than any coach I know.
Carolin Soldo, Success Coach

Do you need to attend this transformational event? That depends on If….

  • You are a high-level business owner and Entrepeneur who knows it's easier to sell one to many no matter if you're selling insurance, houses, chiropractic care, financial planning, law services, cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dentistry or coaching. 
  • ​​​When you learn this skill, imagine what is possible for you... you can pile up cash for your retirement, take your family on world class vacations, retire your spouse, drive your dream cars and live in the zip code you really want! ​
  • ​​You want to turn your words to wealth and your talk into treasure because you know you can help more people.
  • ​​You’re a genius at delivering your services and delighting your clients - but feel like a failure when it comes to online marketing, funnels, Facebook ads, tech, online complications, and online selling. 
  • ​​You have big goals in 2023 and you know assembling your audience is the fast track to get there quicker.
  • ​You've been wanting to speak on more stages and host your own events, retreats and workshops.
  • ​​You know you have a lot to learn, but you’re willing to get uncomfortable so you can get results, make your biz wildly profitable, and walk away with a 6-figure payday!
  • ​​You want to work smarter, not harder and grow your business at scale. 
  • ​Imagine what it's going to feel like when you make more money to spend with the people you love and contribute to the causes you care about the most?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then the Wealth in a Weekend Workshop is for you!

Amanda Moxley is one powerful, brilliant, and loving woman. She is a living, breathing embodiment of the truth she teaches. She will give you everything you need to heal, shift, and transform your life and business.
Lindsay Hinton, Creator and CEO


Amanda Moxley hosted her first live event in 2013, terrified but more eager to take action than NOT.

She walked away with a 150k pay day! 

Through courage and quantum leaping in learning the right strategy and diligence to become the person who has the result she's been able to

...move into her dream home, live in Hawaii several months of the year, get her kids into private school and drive her dream car- all while working less than 18 hours a week. 

She's most proud of helping her clients claim their dreams, host their own events (one of which made 750k in 2 days), 

....retire their spouses, travel the world, build wealth and learn the strategies to turn their passion into 6 Figure Pay Day's.
Amanda is married to her soul mate Johnn, it was love at first sight when they met skiing at Alta ski resort!

Johnn survived a near death ski accident that rocked their faith and skyrocketed their passion to LIVE LIFE to the fullest and help other's manifest their destiny NOW.

Amanda Moxley will inspire you think outside of the BOX!

She will help YOU turn your words to wealth and build wealth in a weekend!

Amanda's goal is to see her clients turn their annual 6 Figure Income into 6 Figure Weekends on repeat with the right strategies, skills and support! 

Whether you are looking for more time, financial freedom, faith or FUN, the Moxley Method is your answer.

The Moxley Method is a five-part income-generating method that focuses on coaching you how you CAN generate last year’s income in one weekend, and it probably isn’t nearly as complicated as you think.
She’s real and transparent, share’s best practices and already is holding me accountable to what I say is next for me.  Amanda is right there in the trenches, balancing family life and full time thriving business, yet has a get is done attitude that is unmatched.
Natasha Allrich, The Soulful Sales Expert & Coach


Breakthrough #1

Discover you don't need a ton of capital to start. It's cheaper and easier than you think to start an online client-based business, and I'll show you how. 

Breakthrough #2

Learn how to start making a lot of money FAST. Earn profit almost immediately and increase "multiple streams" of income or go full time in your own business quickly.

Breakthrough #3

Explore how to market effectively and attract high-value clients by following the proven principles and processes revealed in this life-changing training…

Breakthrough #1:

How to Market, Lead and Fill Your Event - you will leave this masterclass with a blueprint to launch your very own 6 Figure Event feeling inspired and motivated to take action to get results!

Breakthrough #2:

Results Proven Method - Learn how you can create a 6 Figure Event and turn your weekends into wealth generating marketing machines! Best of all, it is easy to follow, providing a clear path to success.

Breakthrough #3:

Discover a pathway to freedom - ​​​When you learn this skill, imagine what is possible for you... you can pile up cash for your retirement, take your family on world class vacations, retire your spouse, drive your dream cars and live in the zip code you really want! 
Amanda lays out easy to follow steps in creative ways that allow in ‘aha moments’ like nobody’s business! It was worth every penny, and now I feel ready to finally claim the income that I deserve. I’d highly recommend to anyone.
Sonja Ramos, Fresh Betty Lifestyle


Just Give Me 90 Minutes

Just give me 90 Minutes and I will show you how you can change your life and the lives of thousands by hosting your own transformational events, retreats and workshops.

Speaking on both online & offline stages is your key to pile up cash for your retirement, take your family on world class vacations, retire your spouse, drive your dream cars and live in the zip code you really want! 

If you're like me and my clients, you know you were born for the STAGE!

You want to Increase the Volume of Your Sales & Profitability and Reach 1 to MANY vs 1:1.

The truth is, you are an expert, and you change lives. 
You simply need to assemble your people together for an event and make them an irristible offer. They already want what you have, so let's do this!

However, you might be asking, ‘How do I host my own events with the right people?

How can I work less? How can I make speaking and hosting my own events and workshops become more profitable?’

You also might be asking, ‘How do I structure my event? How do I market my event? What do I have to offer? How do I sell from the stage? What contracts and what kind of team do I need?’

I know that you have questions, and I have the answers - That is why I created the FREE Wealth in a Weekend Masterclass - so that I can answer your questions and point you in the direction of your 6 Figure Pay Day's! 

I believe in you and the system I created has helped hundreds of people, just like you, move past their fears and into their six-figure success.

Give me 90 minutes and I will show you how to generate a year's income in a single weekend. Now is the time.

You are here because you deserve more!

I can’t wait to meet you and get you onto your path to 6 Figure Events!
My life is practically unrecognizable now. I am so grateful to Amanda all the help she has given me. I know that I wouldn’t be where I am today without her support.

Laurie Coyle, Life Design Coach




3-Day Event Access
(Inside Private Facebook Group)

- - - - - - PLUS - - - - - -

Profit with Purpose Workbook (Value $97)

Discover The Tools To Build and Scale Your Business (Value $97)



3-Day Event Access
(Inside Private Facebook Group & Zoom)

- - - - - - PLUS - - - - - -

Profit with Purpose Workbook (Value $97)

Discover The Tools To Build and Scale Your Business (Value $97)

Private Zoom Access (Value $127)

Additional Training Each Day (Value $197)

Access To Private Q&A (Value $297)


$1997 FREE

  Event Access
(Inside Private Facebook Group)

- - - - - - PLUS - - - - - -

Backstage look at Speech Preparation
(Value $499)

Marketing Guidance for Speakers
(Value $499)

Find your Target Audience
(Value $499)

Finding Motivation in the Moxley Method
(Value $300)

Build Your Speaker Network
(Value $200)



3-Day Event Access
(Inside Private Facebook Group & Zoom)

- - - - - - PLUS - - - - - -

Profit with Purpose Workbook (Value $97)

Discover The Tools To Build and Scale Your Business Online (Value $97)

Private Zoom Access (Value $127)

Access To Private Q&A (Value $297)



  • Secrets on how to go from making 20% profit to 50%+ at events, retreats, and workshops.
  • Event Budget Cheat sheet!
  • ​How to Go into Your Event Profitable vs Expensive Energy Leaking Exhaustion!
  • 12 Steps to Easily Fill your profitable events.
  • Outline to make a year’s income in a single weekend!
I found you to be an excellent facilitator and the information, worksheets, and templates you provided astounded me. You certainly over deliver on the information!
Kim Gillespie



Here’s What Others Are Saying About Amanda Moxley
"7 Days, 3 Quarter of a Million Dollars."
Jim Baker
Founder, Wealth with God
“I Have Increased My Leads By 65% and Increasing.”

Marcio D.
Founder and CEO, JustIt Pro
"Over $380K In Revenue!"

Nilo T.
Founder, Kingship Construction
“I Was Able To Pick Up Some Closing Pointers.”

Nichola H.
Founder, Consultant
“Who Are Helping Other People Follow Their Passion and Their Purpose.”
James W.
Founder, Waston Trust Company
“How I Could Bring My Two Passions Together and Create a Masterpiece.” 
Andrea O.
Founder, Consultant
Watch how Tori Washington made 27k in 1 month of coaching with Amanda 
and now she has a 7 figure biz....
"750k in One Weekend"
"I reached out to Amanda in the summer of 2022 and within 3 months of our reconnection, I wrote a course, created a program and launched 3 Hour IV Mastery at the first ever “IV Biz Bash’ conference which I founded and co-hosted in October 2022.
The results? Amazing!!! We sold a premium 12-month coaching program with myself and my partner and closed close to $750,000 in revenue in one weekend."
Anita Farrelly, RN, BSN, MBA/HCM


What Will Be My Time Investment?
3 Day Commitment
Training will be 1 to 2 hours per day for 3 days. Remember mastery is gained through immersion and humility. 
How Do I Know This Is For Me?
If you already have success and want to increase your growth to another level, if you desire to further your message to market online and offline, if you desire to create a profitable business leveraging your expertise and knowledge that creates impact in the world — then this 3 Day LIVE Event was created for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs just like you!
What Will I Gain From This?
No matter what level you are at right now, there is always another level of growth. I guarantee that you will experience guaranteed growth by implementing 5% of what you will learn in this 3 Day Transformational Event, if not you can forget about me and my brand.

I created this event based on my experience in life of almost dying in a car accident, but because of divine-intervention and what I call “PEOPLE PURPOSE” I was given a second chance. My mission is to empower Purpose-driven entrepreneurs to leverage their expertise and knowledge to create and scale profitable businesses that impact individuals, businesses, and the world. I wanted to make this event bite-sized chunks so that you know exactly what to do and how to do it. I’m reducing this big task into a step-by-step process so that you can take consistent action to profit with purpose.
Why Is This A Free Event?
Around 3 years ago I had a car accident that should have taken my life, but I was given a second chance to serve others. I want to add massive value to Purpose-driven entrepreneurs who want to create greater impact, inspiration and influence with their messages, products, and services in the world. I have learned that those that invest in themselves are worth pouring into.

I also know that a certain percentage of people, who receive this life changing training, will want me to potentially support them as a mentor, coach, or consultant to accelerate their learning curve in areas of business to make it more profitable.
But rather than try to convince you of how great that would be, I figured we would just demonstrate that we can help you … by actually helping you for a small investment in this 3 Day Virtual Event.
How Does This Work?
When you register for the Speak and Grow Rich Masterclass, you will then be invited to join the Moxley Method Facebook Group. The Speak and Grow Rich Masterclass will be streamed live into the Facebook Group. When you join the Facebook Group, go live and tell us what your dream is and why you want to speak more!
What Will My Time Investment Be?
The Speak and Grow Rich Masterclass is a 90-minutes free training on how to use speaking to reach more people and get more paying clients.
How Do I Know This Is For Me?
If you are ready to have more time, freedom, and be more financially free, this is for you. If you want to share hope, your message, and your story with more people, then you are in the right place - This event was especially crafted for you.
What Will I Gain From This Event?
The Speak and Grow Rich Masterclass is more than just a motivational masterclass. It is a masterclass that breaks down the exact method needed to generate a year's worth of income in a single weekend.
Why Is This Event Free?
This event is free because I know the value of how this method has changed my own life. I not only broke through to multiple 6-figure success, but I have also been able to maintain six-figure years. I ski several days a week and in the summer mountain bike with my husband and have the time and freedom that I desire. I want you to be able to experience the same levels of success and freedom. I want to be able to give back and plant seeds of hope and success into each of you. I also know that a certain percentage of you will continue on with me in one of my paid offers where deeper levels of transformation are able to take place.

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